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About Us

Hobbs Chamber of Commerce

Founded: 1930
Mission: To provide the tools and to create the environment for Hobbs-area businesses to thrive.
Strategy: Policy, Advocacy, Member Education and Cooperative Marketing
Motto: Promoting Commerce. Promoting Community. Promoting Character.
Purpose: Vibrant commerce is the key to building the community we are all proud to call home.
Vision: To be a chamber of commerce that others want to emulate.
Values: Six Pillars of Character (CHARACTER COUNTS!) -- Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship

Founded in 1930, the not-for-profit Hobbs Chamber of Commerce is the premier business association for the promotion of commerce, the promotion of community, and the promotion of character in the greater Hobbs area. Through policy, advocacy, member education and cooperative marketing, the Hobbs Chamber provides the tools and creates the environment for Hobbs-area businesses to thrive. Vibrant commerce and the gross receipts taxes it generates are the key to building the community that we are all proud to call home.

Nearly the city’s entire general fund is derived from the tax imposed on businesses’ sales of goods and services – the gross receipts tax. Doing our job well translates to robust business activity, as well as strong gross receipts tax distributions for the City of Hobbs, critical to the city’s ability to provide essential services, like paved roads and public safety.

Hobbs Chamber members represent all industries, all localities and all business sizes operating in and around Hobbs, and the Hobbs Chamber continuously strives to earn 100 percent of the area’s licensed businesses as its members.

The Hobbs Chamber of Commerce is incorporated under the laws of the state of New Mexico and is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization as provided by Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(6). The Hobbs Chamber is an equal opportunity employer.

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