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Things to Do

Whether you’re a history buff, a sports fanatic, a nature lover or a gambler, Hobbs has it all!

We encourage you to visit the Western Heritage Museum Complex on the main campus of the New Mexico Junior College, also in Hobbs. Our neighboring city, Lovington, hosts the Lea County Museum, another great custodian of southeastern New Mexico history and culture.

For the active visitor and resident, opportunities abound! When the weather’s good (which is pretty much all the time), Hobbs has enough outdoor recreation opportunities available to satisfy any range of tastes and avocations.

Just below ground level are multiple pools near pristine picnic areas and lush parks. You can swim a few laps, catch a few rays and snorkel just for fun in the clear, clean water.

You can also find amazing opportunities for fun in the sky. Hobbs is the recognized world capital for soaring planes. The strong thermal updrafts from the surrounding desert create the perfect place for the graceful sport of soaring, which is practiced by powerless planes that are towed into the sky and then turned loose to make lazy, beautiful circles above the towns and fields of Lea County.

If you’re more interested in indoor activities, Hobbs caters to you, as well.  Hobbs caters to every age group and every demographic, and it’s a place where everyone can find fun around almost every corner.

Use the links below to see what’s happening now and what’s to come for fun.

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