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Education in Hobbs, New Mexico

Known as the gateway to New Mexico, Hobbs is not just a gateway to exciting things in the state – it’s also a gateway to an excellent education. From renowned K-12 schools to strong colleges ready to serve those who want to build on an established career or blaze and entirely new path, Hobbs is poised to prepare students of all ages for bright opportunities ahead.


K-12 Education in Hobbs

Students in the Hobbs Municipal School District can look forward to a comprehensive education, inspiring teachers and strong plans for college readiness. The school district consists of 13 elementary schools, three middle schools, Hobbs Freshman High School for ninth grade students and Hobbs High School, which caters to 10th through 12th grade.

  • Hobbs High School is well-known for trend-setting vocational programs as well as rigorous advanced placement courses.
  • Hobbs Freshman High School helps 9th grade students make the important transition from middle school to high school.
  • Hobbs Municipal School District provides ample information on the variety of middle and elementary schools ready to serve children in Hobbs.


Community Colleges and Vocational Opportunities in Hobbs

Community colleges are becoming an increasingly popular option for students, thanks to more affordable tuition, flexible scheduling and the ability to use their credits to earn an associate degree or move on to the bachelor’s program at another institution. These opportunities are ready and waiting for students in Hobbs.

  • New Mexico Junior College provides students with the opportunity to earn associate degrees in a variety of subjects, including criminal justice, early childhood education, nursing, welding, business and more. Certificates are also available, as are transfer credits that can take students to other colleges and universities in New Mexico to complete their bachelor’s degree.
  • The Guide to Online Community Colleges helps aspiring students understand what they will encounter when seeking out online education through community colleges across the nation, including New Mexico Junior College.
  • New Mexico Junior College Distance Learning allows students to earn their certificate or degree online, thus providing the ultimate in flexible learning.
  • Online Schools and Colleges in New Mexico is a guide that provides students with a comprehensive list of potential educational opportunities that cater to those in Hobbs who want to complete their education online. This can be quite advantageous for those who are juggling work and family commitments as well as their education, and thus don’t have the time to sit in a traditional classroom.
  • Training and Outreach at New Mexico Junior College prepares students for a variety of high-impact vocational opportunities, including work in the oil and gas industry and advanced computer technologies.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Trade and Vocational Schools helps students understand the benefits of pursuing trade opportunities through vocational schools, community colleges and career centers.


Colleges and Universities in Hobbs

Those seeking a bachelor’s degree or higher turn to colleges and universities to get the education they need. In most cases, a bachelor’s degree requires four years of education; however, those who have transferred in from community colleges are often halfway there, and require only an additional two years or less to complete their degree requirements. Those who choose to seek online options for their bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree might be able to take accelerated courses, which means they earn their degree even faster.

Here’s what Hobbs has to offer for those seeking a higher degree:

  • University of the Southwest is a robust, private four-year institution with Christian roots. Though most of the programs at USW result in a bachelor’s degree, there are some master’s programs available, including those in education and business.
  • The Online Universities and Colleges Guidebook is filled with a wealth of information for students who are considering online colleges, but there is also a great deal of information there for students who choose to attend a traditional university.
  • The Online MBA with 11 Specializations is available through University of the Southwest. Since this is an accelerated program, students can expect to complete it within 12 months.
  • Inside Accelerated Online MBA Programs is a guide that aims to prepare students for the rigorous educational experience that is the accelerated program, specifically focusing on the MBA experience.
  • The Master of Science in Education, with the choice of seven specializations, is available as an online-only option through USW. Other master’s programs in education are also available.
  • This Guide to Online Education and Teaching Degrees helps students understand what to expect during their pursuit of an education degree, whether they are going for an undergraduate degree or completing their master’s or doctorate.
  • Continuing and Professional Education is offered through USW. The university currently offers over 350 online non-academic courses and 130 online career training programs that help working professionals keep up with continuing education requirements.


Paying for College in New Mexico

When a student contemplates college, their first question is often how they will pay for it. With college expenses rising every year, it might seem like an expensive proposition – but that’s where financial aid, scholarships and grants come in. Here’s what Hobbs residents need to know about making their educational dreams a reality.

  • The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is where it all begins. This important application can tell a student how much they will receive in funds from the federal government for their college pursuit.
  • The Student Success Guidebook is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to attend college. Whether they are taking a few online courses to test the waters or pursuing an accelerated degree, there is something for everyone who wants tips for success.
  • New Mexico Higher Education Department offers a wealth of helpful links for those who are looking for scholarships, grants and the like. These financial awards can help bridge the gap between the cost of college and the financial aid a student receives from the government.
  • Financial Aid for Online Schools helps students understand where to find financial aid, how to properly seek out grants and scholarships, and how these can be used to pay for education.
  • The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS) is the accrediting body for all colleges and universities in the state of New Mexico. Accreditation matters, not only because it ensures students will receive a high-quality education, but because many financial aid awards are only available for those who attend an accredited institution.
  • Education Resources & Colleges in New Mexico can help students round out their understanding of the educational opportunities in New Mexico – including the great city of Hobbs – and make their final decisions on where to complete their certificate, diploma or degree program.


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