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Volunteer for the Hobbs Chamber

The Hobbs Chamber of Commerce could not fulfill its mission without a corps of tremendous volunteers, whom we call the Ambassadors. We invite our members to recommend and encourage their employees to volunteer and join this fun and important component of the Hobbs Chamber. The regular activities of the Ambassadors, like member outreach and community goodwill, are ideal for those who are new to the area or new to their careers, and for those who specialize in sales, business development, public relations and more. Please contact the Hobbs Chamber about becoming an Ambassador.

Being an Ambassador is a great start to a career of volunteering for the Hobbs Chamber. By volunteering with events and other initiatives, you begin to learn what the Hobbs Chamber is all about. In time, you may be invited to serve on a standing committee of the Hobbs Chamber, like the finance committee, and you will thereby learn some of the deeper workings of the organization. Combining that experience with knowledge, you will be better prepared to serve on the Hobbs Chamber’s board of directors.

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